Revutsky Male Choir Kapela

Revutsky Male Choir Kapela

Revutsky Male Choir Kapela is the only professional academic male choir based in Kyiv, Ukraine, belonging to the best creative collectives of the country, whose singers are called "Golden Voices of Ukraine" according to the "VIVA" magazine. Powerful and at the same time extremely soft male singing amazes the audience with professionalism, warmth and joy, perfect sense of style and color.
The collective gives concerts in many countries of the world, takes part in state events, sang at the opening of the Verkhovna Rada, is a constant participant in choral festivals.
Revutsky Kapela performs at the main venues of the capital, is filmed on television, sounds on the radio, and presents the choral art of Ukraine in the world at a high level.
The choir's repertoire consists of pearls of Church Slavonic, classical, folk Ukrainian and foreign choral music, modern arrangements of works from the repertoire of rock and pop groups such as Queen, The Beatles, Scorpions and other popular performers a cappella ", as well as pieces with instrumental accompaniment.

For over 50 years the Kapela is giving the performances of Ukrainian and international sacred and classical choral music a cappella as well as musical pieces with folk instruments background. The Kapela stands for the spiritual, musical and cultural renaissance of Ukraine.
The sound of the Capella is soft, gentle and pure. Their shades are subtle. They have the perfect sense of style. The interpretations of pieces performed by singers are always bright and rich in imagery. The Kapela has had many concerts in Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, Israel, Italy, Great Britain.

Art Director - Alexander Krukovsky
Chief Conductor - Volodymir Kuratch
Conductor - Artur Smirnov

"... The concert was the most moving musical experience of my life... The 500-strong audience gave the Choir a five-minute standing ovation. "It was emotional dynamite", - said Major Tyier, who said he had been moved to tears... The quality of the performance was outstanding. The soprano was superlative and the strength of the sound, particularly from the bass section of the Choir, was almost unbelievable"..

"Wilts And Gloucestershire Standard". UK.

"... Our small town feels proud that you were able to come and sing for us in our beautiful Priory. In all the 1,330 years that the Priory stood, its walls have never heard such a unique sound as the beautiful Boyan voices; many of us were reduced to tears of pleasure. You have touched the hearts of us all, and we hope that you will one day find the time to return to the many friends you have made here. God bless you".

S.Campbell, Leominster. UK.

“Their programme of sacred a cappella chants breathed mystery, incense and the flicker of candles. Audiences were caught up in the poignant drama of a religion that had fought its way through tyranny and oppression” ...; in the second half (Ukrainian folk songs) "There is swagger, bravado, heroism, nostalgia and a sense of the limitless Ukrainian horizons one recalls from Eisenstein films." 

Westmorland Gazette