Volodymyr Kurach

Курач Володимир Володимирович

Capella's Principal Conductor.
Merited Artist of Ukraine
Date of birth: September 6, 1958 in Zolochiv (Lviv region).
Education: The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music.
Since 1985 works as a conductor of The National Academic Choral Capella “Dumka”.
Since 1990 works as a conductor of Revutsky Academic Male Capella.
Professor of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.
Under the direction of Volodymyr, a huge ammount of choral pieces and concert programs were prepared to perform (of such composers as Hendel, Motzart, Stravinsky, Bortniansky, Berezovsky, Vedel, Shostakovich, Cherubini, Beethoven, Leontovich, Lysenko, Stetsenko, Kozak, Dychko, Stankovich etc.)
Capella has released 18 CDs and had concert tours all over Europe.
Volodymyr takes active part in annual New Year and Christmas concerts of the Capella in National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

Valentyna Ivanenko

Валентина Іваненко

Capella's Soprano-Soloist.
Merited Artist of Ukraine.
Date of birth: 1962 March 7 in Shevchenkove, Cherkasy region.
Education: The Art Institute of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.
Started the artistic way from The National Academic Choral Capella “Dumka”. In 1993 was awarded 1st grant of International festival "Golden Autumn".

Victor Hrytsyshyn

Віктор Грицишин

Music director, arranger (from 1997).
Date of birth: 1955 January 11 in Kryvyi Rih.
Education: 1977 Kryvyi Rih National University.
Amoung creative achievements of Victor - many striking musical pieces for male choir and canonical poetic texts, arrangements for chants of the church and ukrainian folk songs.